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Seven months ago, I stood on my porch and watched my husband of 19 yrs and best friend of 23 yrs drive away. Literally my whole world was crumbling. He “thought” he was in love with one of my best friends, who coincidentally I worked desk to desk with everyday, and we led worship with every weekend. Yes, my husband and I were worship pastors. Hence, my world was crumbling. I couldn’t very well go to work and sit across from the other woman ever again. Seemingly, I was losing my ministry, marriage, security, credibility…well everything…in an instant. As I stood there with tears running down my face I heard God say, “I can restore this”! Three weeks earlier I had received the Circle Maker at a pastors retreat. Coincidence? Definitely not! The book has been priceless to me, encouraging and faith building. God has done the miraculous in our family these past months. My marriage is being restored, I was promoted in my job with a substantial raise, and I am continuing to circle our ministry! It’s NOT OVER!!

- Jenn in Virginia

Several years ago we filmed a movie based on a novella I wrote. I felt then that the Lord was leading me to create modern parables that would reach people for Jesus who have heard the Gospel but who have decided against accepting Jesus’ free gift. After finishing the film, I felt that this story would be the only one that the Lord would use. This last summer we went through a series of lessons by Ray Vanderlaan. In the series, over and again he kept repeating that we need people of influence in the film industry (and others). I began to feel the Lord wasn’t through with me in this area and started to ask him “what can I do?” The next series our class studied was The Circle Maker. Through this book, I am back believing the Lord will do the impossible and start a movie production company that would produce modern day parables. Long before I’d heard of Ebenezers Coffeehouse, I’d decided that if I was to start a company it would have Ebenezer as part of the title. This will be Ebenezer Productions. God is doing great things, even though no one can see it yet! Thanks, Mark Batterson, for obeying the Lord and writing this book.

- Coleen, Bartlesville, OK

My nine year old daughter had developed an irrational and crippling fear of Black Widow spiders. Nightly, she would wake and think she felt spiders crawling all over her….and nightly she would come pounding on our bedroom door, sobbing and terrified. This continued several months and we were ALL exhausted. Finally, I came across the “Circle Maker for Kids” picture book. I believe that God led me to it to help my daughter. That night, we read the book and prayed over her while she knelt in a hula hoop. And for the first night in months, she slept. We read the book every night for a couple weeks, and she continued to sleep. Thank you for giving us this resource to help us teach our daughter about the power of prayer.

- Katie, Fayetteville, AR

Last fall, our church began a series on the Circle Maker. My husband, Ben, and I allowed our 5 year old son, Ethan, to stay in the main service instead of going to children’s church because he said he wanted to hear more about Honi. On Monday, November 5th, Ethan came to me and told me he had just prayed up in his bed in his room. I told him that was great and asked what he prayed for. “A baby.” He said. Again, I told him that was great and that we were all praying for a baby. He said, “No Mom, I prayed for a baby by Sunday or Monday.” I was shocked to say the least. When our son was 2 1/2 we experienced the stillbirth of our daughter, Shyla Joy, due to a blood clotting disorder we didn’t know I have. A year later, we also lost a son, Jakin Isaac, during pregnancy due to an unrelated heart condition. As a social worker, adoption had been in my vocabulary for a long time, so just months after our 2nd loss we started the process of international adoption. A year later, we were approached by a friend of a family member and asked to adopt her baby due in March of 2012. We agreed and were present for his birth, named him and took him home from the hospital. A couple of days later, his birth mother contacted us and said she could not go through with the adoption plan. We gathered all the baby things we had for him (she had nothing) and we brought him and all our baby things to her. We have kept in touch and we know God has big plans for our “son” Samuel. So in less than three years our 5 year old had experienced the loss of 3 siblings. He remembers both my pregnancies and still, a year later, talks about Samuel.

After Ethan told me he prayed for a baby by Sunday or Monday, we talked about how God could do anything, but even if we don’t have a baby by Sunday, we would still love and trust Him. The rest of the week, Ethan continued to talk about “our baby” saying things like, “You need to pack your bags because you’re going to have to go to the hospital to get our baby.” and he told me I needed to get the nursery ready. Since it was November, we talked every night about Thankfulness. Ethan told me on Tuesday he was thankful for our baby. As a Mama, I was wrestling with how to explain to him it might not happen (oh ye of little faith) because we were still near the bottom of a very long list in the country we were adopting from.

I also work for an adoption agency and every once in a while we get emails about special situations.

On Friday, November 9, I couldn’t sleep, so I got up early, read my Bible, and checked my emails. I had gotten an email from our agency telling me of a newborn baby girl several states away in the NICU that needs a family. There was a special situation and this precious girl needed a family…tomorrow. I walked into the next room and laughingly asked my husband if he wanted to fly to North Dakota this weekend. He just stopped what he was doing and said, “Whyyyy?” I told him about the email and he said to at least look into it and see if we are eligible.

After a few phone calls and emails, it was confirmed that, if we said yes, we could adopt this precious child. She had a long list of scary diagnosis, but I took one look at the photo they sent me and knew God was already healing her. I tried to handle all the talking from a different room so Ethan wouldn’t get his hopes up if we were not allowed to adopt her, but he ran in the room and saw her picture on the laptop before I could stop him. He smiled and said, “That’s our baby! When are you going to get her?”

The next day, we were on a flight. We laughed as we remembered Ethan’s prayer that we would have a baby by Sunday or Monday and realized he prayed this prayer 24 hours before she was born. And since our flight was on Saturday, we said that God was even answering his prayer a day early. Well….after an earthquake, a blizzard, a canceled layover, lost luggage, a rental car, a closed interstate, and a night in a hotel, we arrived to the hospital where our daughter was waiting SUNDAY, November 11th.

There are pages of mini circles that were answered to get us there (including a friend who met us at a Starbucks in Fargo to give us coats she was getting ready to donate, since ours were in our “lost” luggage and it was 7 degrees and the coats just happened to be the EXACT brand, color and size by husband had just told me he wanted for Christmas).

God has answered SO MANY prayers when it comes to our daughter, Arabelle. Her name, by the way, means “An Answer to Prayer.” All of her original diagnosis have either been completely healed or changed completely. She is a healthy happy 5 month old girl and Ethan is such an amazing big brother.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for writing this book and playing such a huge part in our son’s faith and prayer life. He is our prayer warrior and will pray for any one any time. While we were still out of state with Arabelle, he would call us and say, “What else can I pray for? God answers my prayers!”

- Mattie-KY

For me it all started with getting in a a book group here in Edmonds who were doing “in a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day”. I loved it so much it was the first book I shared with my friend who was just beginning her amazing journey with Jesus. She loved it so much she looked into what else he writer may have written. I think she had read all of Mark Batterson’s books by the time the Circle Maker was just coming out. She invited me to read it along with her and we purchased two copies.

After seeing how these insights have affected our lives and grown us up in prayer and vision, we wanted to share it with everyone one!

Our church has always been a praying church, here in the northwest, in fact, that’s pretty much what we are known for. Corporate prayer meetings every Tuesday night where 400-500 people gather to call on The Lord. Our pastor calls it the most important meeting in the life of our church.

As a Fifty year old church, we have most recently been focused on discipleship and our stewardship of the people God has given us. Because of that, we are moving from a programatic church to a small group focused church.

The timing could not have been more perfect to introduce this book to our small groups! I am excited to say that we are now hosting five different Col/20s groups and one morning ladies group using The Circle Maker.

We have only just begun our 12 week journey together and I have already seen spiritual lights turning on! I love what God will do! His Kingdom will be advanced as this generation takes hold of God’s promises for themselves and sees His mighty hand move on what they circle in Jesus’ Name!

Many thanks from Westgate Chapel in Edmonds, WA

- Terri - Edmonds, WA

Let me start off saying PRAISE GOD for you Mark and the lions you have chased. I am so inspired by your writing and even more so inspired by your ability to love God so much. Circle Maker revolutionized my prayer life and continues to help me pray through my God-ordained circumstances. One thing that Circle maker reminded me of was how important physical posture is in getting your mind into a prayer posture. God has prepared me over the past two years to witness and show my dad His love, and one day on the phone from 700+ miles away (on my knees in my office), my father came to Christ. This day will forever be imprinted on my brain and I thank you Mark for showing how to pray through and be an example of God’s love. Really would enjoy praying on the roof of Ebenezer’s!

- Tyler - Jonesborough, TN

Im only 4 chapters in and this book in changing my life and my familys life…. I have alway stuggled with anrgy and nothing that i have done to this point has seemed to help. I remember a freind from church saying that it was a good book so i got it and i sat on for over a year.. i decided a couple of days ago that i would get it out and start reading it. and i have learned to start circling what i struggle with in prayer and praise it through…. I would like to thank God from giving you a word that spoke so deeply to me… thank u

- Kristina - Stephens City, VA

Just got done reading - one of the most Holy Spirit-inspired books that I have read in a while. Couldn’t put it down - liek God was speaking directly too me as I read! Faith builder - encouraged me to follow through with my dream to create a weekly YouTube volg-style series for our local Chi Alpha campus ministry to expand our reach and sphere of influence.

- Kelton - Arlington, Texas

Comments In October of 2012, I decided to lead my first small group on The Circle Maker, the series my church, Capital Christian Center, was doing for the fall. I wanted to back out several times, as I was nervous about leading prayer. I had never prayed out loud, let alone in front of other people. But God put on my heart that I was supposed to lead a small group in my home.

Earlier this year, I had gotten very sick with migraines and vertigo, I was following up on some appointments and had a second MRI in the second week of our Circle Maker series. Two hours before our small group meeting, I was given the diagnosis of a brain aneurysm. I was in shock. I am a divorced mom of four kids. I needed to be there for them. I didn’t want to cancel our Circle Maker group, so I invited them into my living room and gave them the news. We prayed and circled and circled and prayed. Within hours literally hundreds of people around the world were praying for me and my family. I truly felt the love, like never before.

The very next day, I had another follow up test, an MRA. It was a long emotional day of tests, phone calls, texts and prayers. Exactly 24 hours after the aneurysm diagnosis, I was told that there was no aneurysm on the MRA. It was a miracle. God is good!

We finished our Circle Maker series and this is a book I will read over and over. I now pray out loud, on my knees, in tears, on Facebook, through text messages and every other way I can think of to talk to God. There is no prayer too big for my God. It says right on the front flap of The Circle Maker “Is He bigger than a positive MRI…” and the answer is yes! I never thought it would happen to me, but I am so very thankful for God in my life and the miracles he brings.

I want to say Thank you, Mark Batterson, for such an excellent book and look at how we pray and Thank you to my small group and everyone that circled my diagnosis in prayer.

- Amie, Sacramento, CA

from the first time i read this book, i got the experience in every chapter. it’s like an Fantastic Adventure! My father got sick and the doctor asked to do a haemodyalisis once a week because his kidney couldn’t function well. 13 October 2012, i did my first Daniel Fasting, it has a very deep impact for me and my family, 12 October 2012 was the last time my father got haemodyalisis! Praise the lord, His miracle is so real..

Don’t ever stop to circle…

- Yanet - Surabaya, Indonesia

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